Runescape – 1-99 Herblore Guide (96M)

A herblore guide for all players offering 114K xp/h for 96M gp.

Moneymaking method 1M gp/h:

Song: The Little Elfs – The robbery

~~ Q&A ~~
What is decanting?
– Decanting is an option where you can make 1 to 3 dose potions in to 4 doses. You can do this by bringing your potions to the decanter (herblore guy) in Grand Exchange.

I spent more/less than 96M!
– Prices do change. This should be quite stabile however.

I know of a better way!
– Feel free to do other methods if you’d like. Nothing is forcing you to follow my way.

::::::: DISCLAIMER :::::::
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