Runescape 2007 – CHEAPEST Level 1-10 Crafting Method [without quests]

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What you’ll need:
-Any pickaxe to mine clay with
-28 coins

1) Buy 14 buckets from the general store for 2gp each.
2) Mine your clay at the mining pit south of Varrock. OR buy your clay from other players (much more expensive though). Get as many clay as you want.
3) Take your 14 buckets and 14 clay in inventory.
4) Fill buckets with water at Varrock center fountain.
5) Use buckets of water on clay to make them into soft clay.
6) Take inventory of soft clay to barbarian village Pottery shed.
7) Use soft clay on potter’s wheel to make them into unfired pots.
8) Click on pottery oven and select “Fire pottery oven” to fire your pots.