Runescape 2007 Enakhra’s Lament Quest Guide

Runescape 2007 Enakhra’s Lament Quest Guide 2016.


* 50 Crafting
* 45 Firemaking
* 43 Prayer
* 39 Magic
* 45 Mining (if you wish to mine the items yourself)

Items required:

* Pickaxe
* Chisel
* Bread or Cake
* Tinderbox
* Candle (Black candle will NOT work)
* Log
* Oak log
* Willow log
* Maple log
* Soft clay
* Coal
* Crumble Undead runes
* 5gp or a Shantay Pass
* Multiple runes to cast fire and wind bolt, wave, or blast


* At least 10 Prayer points are required.
* 52kg of sandstone (There’s a quarry to the west if you have 35 mining to mine it.)
* Two 5kg pieces of granite (There’s a quarry to the west if you have 45 mining to mine it.)
* A second piece of soft clay if you would like your own Camel mask.
* Desert equipment (Desert Robes and Waterskins)
* Coins for a magic carpet ride to the Bandit Camp

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