Runescape [2007]: Fixing 200 Rusty Swords I Anything changed since May 2016? Borrow Iron OSRS

In May 2016 I created a video on my channel where I repaired 100 Rusty Swords. Year and a half later, this video stands out to be my highest viewed video which is astonishing! So for a while I wanted to do this, but here we are. Over the past months I have been collecting Rusty Swords & Damaged Armours VIA Ham members to improve and to test out a different angle of this content. Well here we finally are with the results and ratings from 200 Rusty swords & whether Jagex has improved it or not within this timescale. Next video will be fixing 200 Damaged Armour with the same angle of this video, and to see if anything ties together with the swords and armour as they are both repairable items that you can obtain on-game the same methods. Thank you for your continued support throughout my time on Youtube and on Runescape, I am still fairly new to all of this. The plans have been set for my rebooted series of Money Caver and I will be making 8 episodes of this series, which will sort of continue from the previous 2 episodes.I hope to have the first of eight episodes out before Christmas with luck. ENJOY!