Runescape [2007]: Money ‘Caver’: Episode 1 – Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Welcome to my much needed new series on Old School Runescape. My aim in this series is to go across the OSRS network to pretty much every cave & dungeon to see if it’s a money making method waiting to be discovered. I will complete every episode on my Ironman so I will be limitted to certain monsters to kill. I aim to kill each monster 100 times to get an accurate money made per monster. Clue scroll rewards will not be included in the video & price check as this will not show you what you can make from these areas on the spot.

So in today’s episode I head over to Fremennik slayer dungeon to see whether I can get really good profits from the low level monsters like Cave Crawlers to Kurasks! Thank you for your continued support & I hope you enjoy the latest content & new series! Enjoy!