Runescape 2007 Mourning’s End Part 1 Quest Guide

Runescape 2007 Mourning’s End Part 1 Quest Guide 2016.


* 60 Ranged (not boostable)
* 50 Thieving (boostable)
* Roving Elves
* Big Chompy Bird Hunting
* Sheep Herder
* Ability to defeat a level 11 enemy with your combat stats reduced to 20 each.
Roving Elves and Sheep Herder are required to start this quest. Big Chompy Bird Hunting is not required to start.

Items required:
* Bear fur
* 2 Silk
* One of each dye: red, yellow, green, and blue (more may be needed, can be obtained during quest)
* Bucket of water
* Feather
* Toad crunchies (premade will work)
* Magic logs
* Leather
* Ogre bellows
* 10-20 Coal if the player doesn’t already have a Barrel of naphtha

* Ardougne and Falador teleport runes or tablet (tab highly recommended, because your stats will get drained.)
* Feldip hills teleport, Fairy rings or ring of dueling to access Feldip hills
* Antipoison

Enemies to defeat:
* Mourner (level 11)

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