Runescape 2007 Old Scape • 250K/PH With Crafting!!! •

Runescape 2007 Old Scape • 250K/PH With Crafting!!! •
250K GP/PH
30K Crafting EXP/PH

Howdy guys! It’s time to make a little money guide again. I was making bow strings other day and got all kinds of crafting gains. So i realised I can actually craft some jewellery now. So I went to GE and did some price checking and soon realised that easy money making chance there is.

This Runescape 2007 money making guide does have little requirement tough! You need to have 20 crafting. Oh snap? That shouldn’t be too much! And there is also a bonus to this guide. You’re not only making money you are actually boosting you’re crafting level!

But let’s not forget that you need to have some start up money do start doing it. Everything in Runescape 2007 isn’t that easy.. I recommend watching this video to get some startup money:

But in my opinion crafting with profit just seems to awesome not to try? So guys try it out and comment below how did you like it!

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