Runescape 2007 Quest Guides: Fairy Tale Part 1: Growing Pains

If you have have 1 farming and like to get it up, i’d HIGHLY recommend doing this quest as it’s a free 16 farming levels! Anyways quest requirements and rewards are below. Thanks for watching!

Farmer Map:


Must have completed:
Lost City Quest
Nature Spirit Quest
Ability to defeat a level 111 monster
High farming would be an advantage
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Dramen staff, Spade, Secateurs, and a Ghostspeak amulet.
Recommended items: Amulet of Glory and teleport runes.
You also need 3 of the following items (you will be told which 3 later on in the quest): Unopened oyster, Potato cactus, Nature talisman, Uncut ruby, Bucket of supercompost, Irit Leaf, Red vine worm, King worm, White berries, Avantoe, Jangerberries, Jogre bones, Mort myre pear, Uncut diamond, Edible seaweed, Crushed gemstone, Valencia moss, Proboscis, Grapes, Fat snail, Snapdragon, Charcoal, Red spiders eggs, Baby dragon bones, Snape grass, Mort myre fungi, Blue Dragon Scale, Raw Cave eel, and Slimey Eel.
Quest Points:
2 Quest points, 3,500 Farming XP, 2,000 Attack XP, 1,000 Magic XP, and a pair of Magic secateurs.

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