Runescape 2007 The Tourist Trap Quest Guide

Runescape 2007 The Tourist Trap Quest Guide 2016.

Items required:
* 2-3 full waterskins
* Full Desert clothing (Top, Bottoms, AND Boots required). You WILL lose them
* 1-3 Bronze bars (can be lost while experimenting)
* Hammer
* 30-50 Feathers
* 100 coins
* All of the items can be bought from Shantay at the Shantay Pass (Bronze bars are often bought out by players training smithing, try hopping worlds if they are out of stock). Maybe, bring a few pieces of food while fighting the Mercenary Captain.

* Knife
* Pickaxe

Enemies to defeat:
* Mercenary Captain (level 47)

* 10 Fletching
* 20 Smithing
* The ability to defeat a level 47 enemy.

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