Runescape 2007: Time Wasted’s 1-99 Strength Guide (1 Defence Pure)

I get questions around Strength daily, so here it is. How I got 99 strength and the methods I used from level 3.

Summarized version of this guide:

1-30 Waterfall quest
30-60+ Rock Crabs
60-80+ Experiments (Dual Spawns)
80/85+-99 Experiments (Triple Spawn)

Optional 80+-99 Bandits (Requires a huge bank)

Quest Checklist for Pures:

Approximate (Maximum) exp rates per hour in areas discussed.

Rock Crabs: 45k p/h
Experiments: 60k p/h
Bandits: 55-60k p/h
Pest Control 20-30k p/h

If you plan on being a 60 attack pure. do all needed quests that give attack exp before you get 60 attack.

The Grand Tree – 18,400 exp
Waterfall Quest – 13,750 exp
Fight Arena – 12,175 exp
Tree Gnome Village – 11,450 exp
Death Plateau – 3,000 exp

Total Attack exp through quests = 58775 xp (44 Attack without training)

Music By Bananapielord:

Songs: a faint memory (iamsleepless | original song)
: sunset eyes (iamsleepless | original song)

Artist’s Youtube Channel:

Good Luck.