RuneScape 3: 180-190 Ripper Demons in 40 minutes [31M gp/hr – Binding Contracts]

We zerkin’ bois! I use Devotion as I’m about to kill a Ripper demon, making me immune to damage during half the zerk period (killing an enemy extends Devotion). Elite spawn at 29:28.

Key gear used is:

– Darklight + OH Drygore with Aftershock 3 and Precise 6 + Genocidal

– Trimmed Masterwork with Enhanced Devoted 4, Impatient 4, Demon Slayer + Biting 2 and Crackling 4 + Mobile
– Cinderbane gloves and weapon poison++

– Superior vampyrism scrimshaw, Armor spikes, Legendary dedicated slayer (to make the already long task, even longer), Charming potion
– Bonfire boost, Thermal bath

The ge price of the pouches at the time of posting this video is 151,002 gp, but sold for 154,333 gp so that’s a 950k difference which is added below.

The cost of making 185 Binding contracts is 7.9M (at the time of posting this video) and takes about 5 minutes. Taking the time to create them in account, the profit per hour (excluding gear cost) is: (28M * (185/174) + (185 * (154,333 – 151,002) ) – 7.9M) / 40 * 55 = 31.3M gp/hr

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