Runescape 3 Bush Run Farming Guide + Making Primal Extract

The player can plant 3 new bushes which are Avocado (99 Farming), Mango (105 Farming), and Lychee (111 Farming). These new produce can be crushed into primal extract pulp which can once again be turned into primal extract that do sell in the Grand Exchange.

Locations :
Port Sarim (Rimmington)
Priff (Crwys)
Ardougne (Kandarin Monastery)

Requirements :
105/111 Farming for Mango
102/112 Herblore
92 Summoning

Equipment :
Master Elite Farmer

Items needed :
Wolpertinger pouch
5 Bush seeds (0 if planning to only harvest from)
Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed
Teleport to House tablet (if house is in Rimmington)