[Runescape 3] Edimmu Slayer Guide 2017 w/ Cannon | 500k Melee exp/h | 300k Slayer exp/h | 5M+ GP/H

Inspired by “VyreRs”/”HitRealm”, Edimmus are now best killed using a Scythe + dwarf cannon to lure. They are an okay slayer task to do. I kill only 340 an hour but you can probably kill up to 400 Eddies per hour. 500k Melee exp/h, 300k Slayer exp/h & 5M+ GP/H. The profit is amazing overall. Even without Blood Necklace Shard, you still get A LOT of Rune items so be prepared to bring alch runes + Spring Cleaner!

HitRealm’s version:

==Table of Contents==
Introduction/Requirements/Location – 0:00
Equipment Setup – 0:34
Inventory Setup – 1:56
Prayers – 3:28
Action bar – 3:45
Strategy – 4:19
Drops/Profit/hour – 7:16
Conclusion/Exp rates – 8:54