RuneScape 3: How To Farm The Shadow Reef! (INSANE GP&XP/HR)

[Guide ends @11:42] This is a guide on how to literally farm “The Shadow Reef” solo, or in group. I show you how to access your grouping system, create a group, add your friends to group and ready up for The Shadow Reef. I also go over banking methods, routes to take, scouting for Bossy McBoss Face for his sword. If you wanted an in-depth gear set up guide, click this link below:

“Full Elite Dungeons 3 XP & GP farming guide | Runescape 3” – ProtoxxGaming

Time Stamps:

[0:00-01:29] Introduction
[01:30-5:00] Creating Group
[5:01-6:00] Bank Method
[6:01-11:42] How To Scout Bossy/Farm Shadow Reef

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music used in video: Runescape ’19 – A Forgotten Religion (Trap Remix)