[Runescape 3] Low & Mid Level Money Making Guide | 500k GP/day | Vis Wax

Vis Wax has been a great money making method for many years. It only requires 50 Runecrafting and if you have 99 Runecrafting, it helps a lot! As of recently, the price of Vis Wax has reached its record of 6.8k GP each. It is such an amazing money maker for both low and mid level players. Even high level players can benefit off of this. It surprises me that low level players don’t know how great the Rune Goldberg Machine really is. I may do more low and mid level money making guides in the future.

Typo: It’s 0.5% rune tax per try not 5%.

Vis Wax FC Forum Thread:

Vis Wax Profit Calculator:

==Table of Contents==
Introduction/Requirements/Location – 0:00
How Vis Wax machine works – 0:40
How to find combination – 2:29
Strategy – 3:28
Demonstration – 3:49
Conclusion – 4:50