Runescape 3: Our Man in the North Quest Guide!

Leave a like? Today’s video is an Our Man in the North Quest Guide!
This is the third quest that was realised with the Menaphos expansion and is part of the Desert Quest Series. Overall, it’s a really easy quest and will not take you long at all. Good luck!

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This is a Master Members Only Quest which has an official length of Medium.

The start point for this quest is Hassan in the Merchant district, south of the bank chest.

The Quest Requirements for this quest are Do No Evil, Crocodile Tears and you must have an overall reputation of 6 or higher in the city of Menaphos.

You do not require any items for this quest.

The items recommended are combat gear and good to kill 5 over level 100s (all easy fi you are good at combat). Bring relevant food and potions.

If you have any problems with the quest/guide then please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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