Runescape: 30 Items to Flip from 200-600M Flipping Guide – Ep.7/9 – iAm Naveed Runescape 2015

Each and every day I get questions about what items to flip in Runescape with specific cash stacks, I decided to make things easier to follow what I will do is post a list of items to flip for you guys here on a YouTube video for everyone to watch.

With this list you can choose items that might suit you the best, and even add your own! Feel free to copy this list and use it for your daily routine.

Ep.1 :
Ep.2 :
Ep.3 :
Ep.4 :
Ep.5 :
Ep.6 :
Ep.7 :
Ep.8 :
Ep.9 :

Quickfind Codes:
High Gear Armours: 17-18-315-65599451
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R Quark: 17-18-133-65618122



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