RuneScape 99 Fishing Guide – Rocktail & Cavefish (With Exp/cash Rates)

I have been meaning to upload this video for a while, thanks to Kamsa T-

This video shows the best way to get 99 fishing (in my opinion) – to get great experience and a ton of money!

Requires level 85 fishing
Equipment – Normal fishing rod & bait
Thanks to Vankelst for the Cavefish rates at level 85 fishing.
Fishing XP – 28k per hour
Cash Gain – 144k per hour

Requires level 90 fishing
Equipment – Normal fishing rod & living minerals as bait
Fishing XP – 40-50k per hour
Cash Gain – 330-340k per hour

These are explained in the video: The Granite Lobster is most recommended

It is important to compare this fishing spot to other places:

This is my rough XP guide:
Rocktail (in this guide) – 40-50k XP Per Hour
Barbarian Heavy rod fishing – 40-55k XP Per Hour
Barbarian Village (dropping) – 45K XP Per Hour
Shilo Village (banking) – 46K XP Per Hour

I found cavefish and rocktail to be one of the best XP rates in the game, and the cash gain makes them the best option for me

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