Runescape Advocate Fin – “Old Wilderness” 2011 Pking video 1- AGS CHAOTIC RAPIER TURMOIL HYBRIDING

Okay first of all I want to say sorry for not been uploading videos lately, but hopefully you all can enjoy this video 😀
This video contains Hybridding, basic brid gears, Edge pking with dds, whip, korasi, ags, chaotic rapier etc. By the way, during this video I lost my chaotic rapier, didnt get that on video lol

This is Advocate Fin’s Wilderness pking video 1
(And for all the people who thinks korasi is sad weapon, I Agree but in high-risk wilderness worlds everyone else uses it so “Prod, or get prodded.”)
I Did not record my mouse cursor because due to unknown reason FRAPS clips with mouse cursor shown is laggin and the mouse just moves randomily which I don’t like to show lol
Stats during the video : Attack 80-81, Strength 99, Magic 95, Constition 97, Ranged 99, Prayer 99, Defence 45.
Songs in order
1. Modern Day Escape – Hidden behind the lines
2. Uprise – Still healing
3. It Dies Today – The bacchanal Affair
4. The Blackout – Stfu’percut

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