Runescape Analytic – Special Teak Logs

The most underrated way to train woodcutting gets an analysis which may be more surprising than it seems.

Note: Keep in mind the calculations are rough estimates based on 2.5% which is not exact and can be less. In the video I know I overestimated but this is just an approximation of what to expect when cutting teak trees.

Also I know I’ve made a few mistakes in calculating the special log percent since it gives woodcutting experience as well and subtracting the special log from the regular log total

For example, if I cut 903 teak logs and obtained 17 special teak logs than the calculation would be 2.5% of 920 not 903.

However if you do 2.5% of 920 and 2.5% of 903 you get 23 and 22.575 so both is 23 if you round up so its still about the same.

2.5% of 153,083 is 3827 so 153,083-3827 = 149,256 teak logs and 3827 special teak logs total from getting 99 woodcutting.

149,256-51,651 = 97,605 teak logs/planks remaining

Using 97,605 teak planks making teak kitchen table gets you about 8,784,450 construction experience and added from the previous experience of 4,648,500+8,784,450 = 13,432,950 so you still get 99 construction regardless.

Special teak log is just a nice incentive to save cash when converting teak logs to teak planks for free instead of paying to convert with coins.

TL;DR: Cut teak trees for 99 woodcutting since it will give you 99 construction or 99 fire making from level 35 woodcutting. Achieving 2 99 skills and saving money on construction. The only requirements are time, cash (to an extent), and the quest deadliest catch to bank.

Please feel free to leave any feedback as I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.