Runescape Barrows Trials – Challenge 2: Fight Caves, No Food or Prayer!

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Second Barrows Trials Challenge.

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The winner of the challenge is the brother who can get to the highest wave before dying without using food, prayer or safe spots!

Sorry about the clip being blurry and a bit fast, there was over 3 and a half hours of footage for this one and I had to cut it down a lot to stop the video being too long, just shows checkpoints along the attempts at certain waves, pretty sure you don’t wanna watch a 3 and a half hour video of fight caves 😛

Tomorrows challenge will be a fight against an Aberrant Spectre, who can do the most damage against it before running out of food? Remember they have no protection from the smell so their stats will be reduced to 1! Which Brother is most dangerous with all their combat stats lowered?

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