RuneScape Big Questions Q&A – Voice of Seren, RS Mobile, Bank Rework, Player Support, etc

You’ve been requesting more opportunities for us to address hard hitting questions you might have. This is why we are hosting a Big Question Q&A to cover them all!

Voice of Seren, Loyalty rework, RS Mobile, Player Support, Account security, Comp Cape, Java client, Bank rework and way more. Today we’re covering all the questions you’ve sent us in the past days.


0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Vic Portable Trader and Monetisation
5:50 – Voice of Seren (Bonus XP Event)
7:50 – Aura sale
10:20 – Player Support
12:22 – RS Mobile and impact on PC development
16:07 – General questions (New player experience, Summer content, etc)
29:00 – Bank Rework
32:55 – General Questions (Wildy rework, bring OSRS updates to RS, Minigames, etc)
39:10 – Combat Diversity Update
40:35 – Comp Cape Design
41:45 – Solo Boss
42:18 – General Questions (skilling plans, Java client, deathtouch dart, etc)
53:28 – Group Ironman


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