RuneScape – chibi49’s Bounty Hunter Pking #1 (G Maul)

Sweet! 1000+ views! Thanks guys, I appreciate it! 😀

Finally! Here it is!! My first Pking video!!! Full of koes and just plain pwnage! 😉 All 11 opponents have been defeated by the awesome power of the Granite Maul!!! 😀 I hope you enjoyed my first Pking video because #2 will hopefully come out soon with 80 strength koes!!!!! Enjoy!! Comment, rate, subscribe!!!! ☺

RuneScape display name : iC H I B I

Stats in video:
60 Combat Level
72 – 73 Strength
50 Attack
66 HP
1 Defense
71 Range
71 Mage
31 Prayer
1 Summoning

Programs used:
CamStudio (For recording)
Windows Movie Maker (For editing)

Songs used:
Sonic the Hedgehog – His World (Instrumental)
Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme)
Eye of the Tiger (Rocky Theme)

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