RuneScape Dev Q&A (Apr 2019) – Comp Cape Rework Design Update!

Our JMods have been gathering your feedback on the Comp Cape Rework and are now ready to unveil the latest Design Update!

This is an evolving design that we’ve shaped with you and we continue to do so based on your advice. Let us know what you think of it both in the comments and here:

0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Use of feedback
5:50 – Why are we doing this rework?
8:00 – Tier structure system
14:20 – Requirements
23:09 – Polling
25:45 – Stone Spirits
28:58 – New designs
37:00 – Recolouring
38:30 – Particles and Tier evolution
41:12 – What happens to the old capes?
47:37 – General questions (Max Cape, etc)
54:00 – RuneScape Main Theme Orchestral Rendition (full video here: )

Experience the orchestral version of RuneScape’s “Main Theme”, available now on streaming platforms:



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