Runescape Do No Evil part 3 of 8 Choc-Ice Run

After hearing the King’s commands, fetch your runes for casting ice magic. The higher the tier the better. Also remember some money, a greegree, 1 magic logs, and an m’speak amulet mould. You also might want a dose of anti-poison in your inventory.

Head to Nardah and commission the monkey shaped choc ice for 1K. Once you have it, however, a problem presents itself. The choc monkey will continually melt when you’re not speaking or in some sort of menu. To keep it nice, you need to periodically cast Ice Burst or better to restore it.

Ice Burst makes it so it’ll take 35 seconds to melt completely.
Ice Blitz gives you 45 secs.
Ice Barrage gets you a minute.

You can’t use teleport magic, fairy rings, gliders, or spirit trees or it’ll melt.

When you get the Choc-Ice, use magic carpets to reach the Shantay Pass. Remember to left-click the choc-ice(to drop it) and manually cast your best ice spell when your chat box tells you it’s nearly melted.

At the Shantay Pass, speak with Shantay and claim to an outlaw to be arrested. Upon arrest, request deportation to Port Sarim. Breakout of the Port jail and run to the air balloon operator near the Crafting Guild and request transport to the Gnome Stronghold.

From the Stronghold, take the usual steps to reaching Ape Atoll. When you’re on the island, you need to be careful about where you stop to cast the ice magic. You can’t let ape archers or guards see you.

Before you have to run through a chokepoint, recast your ice spell for good measure and switch back to an ape form. Make your way to the King and deliver the Choc Ice to receive a barrel of monkeys.

Report to the three wise monkeys and head to the Bedabin camp in the desert.