Runescape Fairy Tale II – Cure A Queen Quest Guide HD

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Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains:
Jungle Potion:
Lost City:
Nature Spirit:
Priest in Peril:
The Restless Ghost:
Level 40 Thieving
Level 49 Farming (Boosts are allowed)
Level 57 Herblore (Boosts are allowed)
Ability to Defeat multiple Level 74 Goraks

Items Required:
Dramen Staff/Lunar Staff
Vial Of Water
Weapon, Armour and Food to Defeat multiple Level 74 Goraks

Required For Completing:
Fairy Tale III – Orks Rift:
Varrock Medium Tasks:
Falador Hard Tasks:
Fremennik Province Medium Tasks:
Seers’ Village Hard Tasks:
Ardougne Medium Tasks:
Morytania Medium Tasks:
Desert Medium Tasks:
Tirannwn Easy Tasks:

Fairy Ring Codes:
a i q Mudskipper Point.
a i r Island south of Witchaven.
a i s Naragi homeland, from The World Wakes quest.
a j r Golden apple tree Slayer Dungeon.
a j q Dorgesh-Kaan agility course.
a j s Small island with penguins, northwest of Miscellania.
a k s Feldip hills.
a k q Piscatoris Hunting grounds, just west of the Gnome Stronghold.
a l q Haunted Woods east of Canifis.
a l p Near Gu’ Tanoth.
a l r New section of the Abyss
a l s McGrubber’s Wood.
b i p Polypore Dungeon on an island on the River Salve, east of the Mage Training Arena.
b i q Kharidian desert, halfway between Shantay pass and Kalphite lair.
b i r Other Realms- Sparse Plane
b i s Unicorn enclosure in Ardougne zoo.
b j q Ancient Cavern ( Need to repair ring with 5 Bittercap Mushrooms and a Spade)
b j r Holy Grail land Fisher King’s Realm (only works if you have finished the Holy Grail quest).
b k p Southwest of Castlewars.
b k q Enchanted Valley.
b k r Morytania swamp, south of the gate.
b l p Tzhaar caves.
b l q Yu’Biusk
b l r Outside Legends guild.
c i p Miscellania, north of the castle.
c i q South of Tree Gnome maze.
c j r Eastern circle at maples north of Seers’ Village and West of Sinclair Mansion.
c k p Starflower area.
c k r Karamja, Tai Bwo Wannai lake.
c k s Morytania, next to mushroom patch (Canifis).
c l p Island east of Port Sarim (south of Draynor Village).
c l r Mango Tree, near Ape Atoll Agility Course.
c l s Hazelmere’s peninsula, east of Yanille.
d i p Islands- Mos Le’Harmless.
d i r Gorak area.
d i s Wizards tower.
d j p Southeast of Ardougne at Necromancer’s tower.
d j r Western circle at maples north of Seers’ Village and Northwest of Sinclair Mansion.
d k p Karamja, karambwan fishing place.
d k r Edgeville canoe npc.
d k q Glacor cave
d k s Polar Hunting area, northeast of Rellekka.
d l q Desert lizards.
d l r Isafdar, Island in the Poison Waste area.
d l s Passage between Canifis and Mort’Ton.

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