Runescape – Farming (herb/fruit tree) for skillers

WATCH IN HD 1080p!

Hello Runescapers and Subscribers. Today i present to you “farming run (herb/fruit tree) for skillers” This is the method i use for farming.
This is not the ONLY way doing farming, it’s really a ton other for both (skillers and combaters) so don’t use the exact method i use if you don’t like it. Do it your way 😉

– 3 herb seed (any kind)
– 3 flower seed (any kind)
– Plant pot filled (sapling, any kind)
– Spade
– Rake
– Seed dibber
(also take a gardening trowel if you want to fill up your plant pot again)
– Camelot teleport (1-2, depends on what you do with the patches)
– Falador teleport (1)
– Ardougne teleport (1) + 30gp / or amulet of glory (4)
– Skill necklace (i recommend you to use this for faster run + easyer banking)

Thanks for all the support and keep tuned for more! ~ Publicoff.