Runescape Guide: 3M Money Making Method Per Hour [Great Runecrafting Xp] iAm Naveed Runescape 2015

This is such a good Money Making Method that is extremely fast experience and also great money!

If you start at level 75-99 this would take you 236 hours and would make you atleast 700M profit!

Required Quests:

Lunar Diplomacy
Enlightened Journey

Basic Level Requirements:

Level 13 Runecrafting (Suggested 75 Runecrafting for all pouches)
Level 82 Magic
Level 40 Firemaking
Suggested 54 Summoning for Abyssal Pouches, best pouch requires 93 Summoning and can boost this method by a lot!

Required Items:

Binding Necklace
Pure Essense
Water Runes
Astral Runes for Magic Imbue
Willow Logs
Ring of Duelling

Runecrafting Xp Per Hour: 47,215 xp

Hope you enjoy!

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