RuneScape – Hunting Red Salamanders (Level 59-80, 60-110k+ xp/hour)

This is the best way to train hunter at levels 59-80 (at 59 you can only set up 3 traps at once, but as soon as you get 60 you can use all 4)

It doesn’t matter what you wear as this area is not affected by any of the hunter gear.

You should use the best hunter familiar you can, either a Graahk/Kyatt/Larupia at level 57 (+5 boost), Wolpertinger at 92 (+5 boost) or Arctic bear at level 71 (+7 boost, the best to use).

At level 75 hunter with an Arctic bear I have been getting around 90k xp/hour and closer to level 80 you can get 110k+, with around 60k xp/hour starting off at level 59-60.

Once you reach level 80 you should catch Ruby Harvest butterflies barehanded.

The music is a remix of the runescape music Animal Apogee. avaliable with a few others on the runescape website: