RuneScape Keynote (RuneFest 2019) – Archaeology, Elder God Wars Dungeon, Ranch Out of Time, etc

This is the video you’ve all been waiting for – the RuneScape 2019 keynote!

Did you miss out on the RuneFest action? Never fear – there are detailed summaries of all the big keynote reveals available now on the blog:

0:03 – The future of Gielinor is looking bright! Oh wait, we’re hiding away from the Sun? It seems so “thanks” to something we’re proud to reveal… drum roll please… our new skill: Archaeology! Coming January 2020!

7:02 – Excavate artefacts from the God Wars, the Zaros Empire or other key moments from Gielinor’s past; and put back together ancient treasures to harness their powers. Explore 5 Dig Sites of various origins, unearth Relics from Gielinor past, discover olden devices from Ancient Invention… and summon demons?!

22:40 – Time for a story! But what could that be off… the Elder Gods, hum, there’s something bigger coming…

33:45 – The Potterington brand is expanding into new real estate – Anachronia – with the Ranch Out of Time! And with this we’ll introduce new pens, new species, and even cute-but-deadly Dino Babies!

38:00 – More reveals? Sure thing, here’s Farming & Herblore 120!! Discover a whole new way to train Farming, a new Farming Guild, new things to grow and even a… Money Tree!! Herblore will get even more powerful thanks to all this primal extract, with new potions, combo potions, prayer potions, powerbust potions – it’s a potion galore!

46:10 – Something is happening… Elder God Wars Dungeon, Summer 2020. Shall we say more?

47:15 – We’ll also have the continuity of the World Out of Time story line with Desperate Measures; but also a City of Senntisten quest, and more quests along the way in 2020.

51:05 – There’s also the “small” matter of RS Mobile! We’re happy to announce that later this year, all Android members will be able to enjoy adventures in Gielinor from their mobile: Early Access is on the way! Those of you on iOS can expect to play it later next year.

52:30 – This is just the start… last but not least, a Tech Showcase hosted by Mod Pips revealing some of the different approaches we’re taking at the moment to make your experience of RuneScape a whole lot more enjoyable.

We hope you enjoyed our RuneScape Keynote of RuneFest 2019. Stay tuned for more info on all these new pieces of content in the coming weeks!

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