Runescape – Killing Fishing Bots in F2P | 4M profit! – Iced Voice

Yay I found a way to make 4M in 6 hours in F2P!! lol. I used to hate bots so much, but now, I love them.
The bots just work for me, they get a huge amount of fish, and they risk to get banned, and I just take it from them :). I am also helping Jagex a bit of taking bots away.

Sometimes I get like a really low amount of lobs/swords + tuna, but I’ve had pretty many drops with over 10k fish 😀

How to do this:

Take an air staff (for wind rush) or an easter carrot.
Go to stiles at karamja.
Go up north to the vulcano and search for the most western scorpion and attack it.
Then simply walk back to stiles and make sure the scorpion keeps following you.
Go 2 steps west at stiles so the scorpion doesn’t attack you, but still faces you.
Now wait for levels 28 or less to pass and the scorpion will attack them.
Run quickly to the western side of the small tree, east of stiles.
Now the scorpion will stay in a small place and it won’t run away.

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