RuneScape Lodestone Network All Teleport Locations!

New home Teleport Locations! With the new update today called “Lodestone Network” its left us with many different home teleport options!

I decided to teleport to them all to show you the location of them and how it works. These are all the loadstone network teleport locations besides bandit camp! (Sorry!)

And Here Is What Jagex Had To Say About The Update:

“Lodestone Network (free and members):

Ancient lodestones have been uncovered at various locations around RuneScape. If you use your Home Teleport spell when you first log in, you will find that you can freely teleport to the following:

Burthorpe (members only)
Ancient Magicks spellbook location (if you have completed Desert Treasure)
Lunar Magic spellbook location (if you have completed Lunar Diplomacy)

Find and activate more lodestones about RuneScape, and you will be able to unlock them as Home Teleport options. The locations are:

Al Kharid
Ardougne (m)
Catherby (m)
Draynor Village
Port Sarim
Seers’ Village (m)
Taverley (m)
Yanille (m)

Locations marked with an (m) are members only.

A Home Teleport to a lodestone has the same restrictions as the previous Home Teleport: it is comparatively slow to cast, can be interrupted by combat, and cannot be used beyond level 20 Wilderness. The Home Teleport spell can be accessed via any spellbook, allowing you to freely teleport to lodestones using the Ancient Magicks and Lunar spellbook.

Lodestones have been placed a small distance from town centres, to ensure that current teleport methods are still a more efficient (and much faster to cast) option in most situations. This has not stopped us from tweaking existing teleport items, however, to make their teleport locations more convenient. Changes to teleport items include:

Camulet/Cramulet — teleports outside Enakhra’s Temple, closer to the granite quarry
Combat bracelet — teleports slightly closer to the Warriors’ Guild and Champions’ Guild
Necklace of skills — teleports slightly closer to the Fishing Guild, Cooks’ Guild and Crafting Guild
Games necklace — teleports near to Captain Jute of the Troll Invasion “