Runescape – Mining at LRC 100k xp/h

Boring vid as hell, but currently mining for the 2×99 Xp. Low alching is the fastest method to mine. Faster than dropping, banking or high alching.

I mined for 29min 30sec and gained around 48K Xp. That’s equals around 100k/h. Used Juju mining potion which banks around 50% of the ores and makes Mining a lot easier and comfortable. Lava titan boosts your mining also. Didin’t use Penance horn. Smelting is boring and not fun, i would prefer doing smithing with addy pl8s.

Dj S3rl – Butterly
Mike Candys & Evelyn feat. Patrick Miller – One Night In Ibiza (Plac!d Bootleg Mix)
Dual Playaz – Every Day I See You (Justin Corza meets Greg Blast Remix)

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