RuneScape Mining Guide – Living Rock Caverns (With Exp/cash Rates)


Probably the best way to get 99 mining now. From level 80 to 99 you will get around 170,000 gold ores which is currently worth around 60 million gps.

RuneScape 99 Mining Guide

Wearing Varrock Armour 3 gives the chance of mining two ores at once! This is the reward from completing all varrock achievement diary tasks.

Level 77 – Coal Rocks
Level 80 – Gold Rocks

No familiar – 40-50k xp Per Hour
Lava Titan – 60-65k xp Per Hour


Can level 3 skillers mine here? Yes but you may die often so don’t risk more than 3 items!

Should i buy a Dragon Pickaxe? Yes, it’s 15% faster than rune!

Do i think the people who will ask these questions will read this FAQ? NO

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