RuneScape Month Ahead (August 2019) – Weapon Diversity, Summer Escapes, Clan Cup

While you’ve been tracking dinosaurs, we’ve been hunting down the exciting updates coming this month. Sharpen your senses with the Weapon Diversity, experience weekly buffs in Summer Escapes, vote for the one true “King of skills” in the Summer Skill Off, and get a blast from the past with an Anachronian edition of the Clan Cup!

Meanwhile, Vic the Trader is back in town and Solomon’s General Store will be selling the colourful Splat Pack from August 26th. Plus, the annual survey is winging its way to you soon! Keep an eye out for Mod Osborne’s special dev blog.

Finally, time is running out to buy your RuneFest 2019 tickets, snag yourself some sweet personalised merch and vote for the Golden Gnome Awards while you’re at it!

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Golden Gnome Awards:
We hope you’re all having a ROARsome summer!!


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