RuneScape Month Ahead (May 2019) – A New Quest, Song of Seren, and the BIG Summer Update

May is the month of mystery. Right? Right.

You know that thing when you’ve bought someone an amazing present and you’re dying to tell them but you can’t? That’s kind of where we’re at this month. There’s a storm on the horizon in Gielinor and we’re bursting to spill the beans but, for the time being, you’re going to have to put up with us being all coy and elusive. Sorry!

What we can say is that May brings with it the start of big thing:, a new quest, Desperate Times – the next bold step in the Elder Gods storyline; the announcement of the Summer’s big update; and it also offers up the opportunity to grab some sneaky extra XP as the Voice of Seren spreads across the entire game world.

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