RuneScape Month Ahead (Nov 19) – Farming & Herblore 120, Double XP Weekend, RS Mobile Early Access

Autumn is descending, time to snuggle up by the fire and let us regale you with tales of Novembery content!

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We all know what November means in RuneScape – a brand-new version of Double XP Weekend! But that’s not all because this year we’re bringing even more skilling with the arrival of Farming & Herblore 120s. And those of you lucky RuneScape members with an Android phone can even get all that sweet sweet content everywhere you want thanks to the arrival of RS Mobile Early Access.

We’ve also heard some strange noises… something tells us there’s even more Archaeology secrets to unveil around the corner. Rumour has it’s about a floating fortress called the “Stormguard Citadel”.

And that’s not all! November sees the return of Premier Club, a very special Black Friday Sale, and a wholesome new month of Twitch Prime (14 days of free membership!).

So come on, jump in Gielinor!

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