RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (April 2019) – Easter, Clans Improvements, Miniquest list

This month, we’ve got some really EGGciting content for you! We’re just hopping mad with excitement, this will finally be the time to give you more details about our “Eastertime Fete” Event and the “Avoiding Dental Catastrophe” charity event. Yolks aside, our JMods also cover the awaited QoL improvements for Clans and Miniquests!

0:00 – Intro
2:24 – “Eastertime Fete” Easter Event
6:50 – “Avoiding Dental Catastrophe” Charity Event
8:01 – April Fools (Player-Owned JMods + DeliveRune)
10:38 – Miniquests and Sagas Questlist
16:50 – Clan QoL Improvements
30:42 – Eastertime Fete first clue!


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