RuneScape Month Ahead Q&A (May 2019) – Song of Seren, Desperate Times, Hunter Modernisation

This May, we’re taking the next step in the epic Elder Gods story line! It’ll start on Friday 10th with Song of Seren , a story driven event with the chance to earn a bonus of skill-focused 1.5x XP.

On May 13th, the new quest Desperate Times will make you team up with Thok and Kerapac to visit the Needle, solve strange puzzles and discover key moments in RuneScape’s recent (and future?) history.

So, if you want to find out what you will be playing over the coming months, check out this video. And don’t forget to get a peek at the Aura Sale, where you can save up to 50% on the game’s most sought-after auras.

Alongside this, we’re excited to announce that a brand-new Hunter method will be introduced to the game in July that will completely change the way you hunt!
Get a closer look at our Hunter Modernisation plan:


2:30 – Desperate Times & Summer Update
12:30 – Elite Dungeons QoL
24:00 – Hunter Modernisation


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