RuneScape old wilderness and free trade vote! **[NOW ON THE FINAL PHASE OF VOTING!]**

Jagex has opened a poll on the runescape homepage to vote to bring back the old wilderness and trade limit! It says that we will not get it back if the majority of players vote no (do not vote at all). I believe there is a 99.9% chance we will get it back. Voting has been up for about an hour now and we have already shot passed 400,000 votes. It says 1,000,000 votes might now cover it, but we have until January 14th, 2010 to get our votes in! You can type in your friends accounts names and anybody elses account name to vote for them too! To vote go to:
UPDATE: We are now on phase two of the voting, the real votes! Register your vote by logging in and voting @
Happy [email protected][email protected]! 🙂

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