Runescape – Queen Black Dragon Guide – 3-6M+ GP/Hr & 25 Kills/Hr

CORRECTION: Use Dragonbane bolts if you are off task and use Ascension bolts if on task. Also a blood necklace is also good to use for the grotworms.

Hey guys! Welcome to my guide on how to kill QBD effectively. In this guide I talk about the requirements/recommendations for QBD as well gear and inventory setups for all 3 styles. I also address strategies during the kill to speed up your kills.
About QBD: 0:39
Recommendations: 1:50
Melee Gear: 3:27
Magic Gear: 4:43
Range Gear: 5:17
Melee Inventory: 5:43
Magic Inventory: 6:22
Range Inventory: 6:29
Strategies: 6:48

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