Runescape Recipe For Disaster Part 1 | Another Cook’s Quest Guide HD

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RFD 100% Completion Requirements:
Cook’s Assistant:
Goblin Diplomacy:
Fishing Contest:
Gertrude’s Cat:
Shadow of the Storm:
Demon Slayer:
The Golem:
Big Chompy Bird Hunting:
Plague City:
Murder Mystery:
Nature Spirit:
Priest in Peril:
The Restless Ghost:
Witch’s House:
Lost City:
Started Legends’ Quest:
Family Crest:
Heroes’ Quest:
Shield of Arrav:
Dragon Slayer:
Merlin’s Crystal:
Shilo Village:
Jungle Potion:
Underground Pass:
Waterfall Quest:
Monkey Madness:
The Grand Tree:
Tree Gnome Village:
Desert Treasure:
The Dig Site:
The Tourist Trap:
Temple of Ikov:
Troll Stronghold:
Death Plateau:
Horror from the Deep:
Barcrawl Mini-Quest:
Level 70 Cooking (temporary boost possible)
Level 59 Magic
Level 53 Thieving
Level 53 Fishing
Level 52 Mining
Level 50 Crafting
Level 50 Firemaking
Level 50 Woodcutting
Level 50 Agility
Level 40 Ranged
Level 45 Herblore
Level 10 Fletching
Level 10 Slayer
Level 40 Smithing
176 Quest Points
Ability to fight very tough, high-levelled enemies ranging from level 128 to 140 without prayer or summoning. (You don’t have to beat all of them in one go; you can make several trips if you wish.)

Requirements for Part 1:
Cook’s Assistant:
Level 10 Cooking

Items Required:
1x Eye of newt
1x Greenman’s ale
1x Rotten tomato
1x Ashes
1x Fruit Blast or 1 Cocktail shaker, Cocktail glass, 2 Lemons, 1 Pineapple and 1 Orange

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