RuneScape | Slayer ft Archaeology Power Creep

A lot of tasks became quite a bit faster because of arch, so I tried them again to get the new kills/h for my sheet (). And since I’m not going to make a new vid for every slay task cause the strats stay the same for pretty much everything, I just put all the raw footage together. I’m also using the corbicula rex perk from the dino farm, forget to mention that in vid!

moss golem: 0:20
ripper demon trihard: 7:38
hydrix dragon: 12:14
aby demon kuradels: 33:19
acheron mammoth: 40:25
crocodile akh: 48:18
ripper demon ez mode: 58:31
aby demon wildy range: 1:06:30
aby demon wildy melee: 1:13:30
nightmares: 1:19:44
shadow creatures: 1:31:13
airuts: 1:38:51
crystal shapeshifter: 1:48:20
elves: 1:59:05
lava strykes: 2:04:36
kalger demons (wildy): 2:19:05
living wyvern: 2:39:18
camel warrior: 2:47:19
soul gazers: 3:02:57
vile bloom: 3:25:38
dinos: 3:43:43
corrupted warrior: 4:05:42
edimmu: 4:14:30
rune dragon: 4:26:32
nihil: 4:48:36

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