Runescape Smithing Guide

This is the way that I got my smithing up from 40. It is now 65 (and counting) However, you can do it from 35+.


– The Restless Ghost – If you want the amulet
– Priest In Peril – To acess the Port.
– Dwarf Cannon – To make the cannonballs.


1 X Cannonball Mould.
Steel Bars (Any amount – Preferballly 1k+)
3500 Coins (Boat to Port Phasmatys)
Amulet of Ghostspeak.
1 Law and 5 Airs (Teleport to Camelot)

—————————————- —————-

You can currently make a 300K profit from 1K steel bars turned to 4K cannonballs (as 1 bar makes 4 balls)

Cannonballs Give 25 exp Per 4 – Per 1 Steel Bar. So 1k Steel bars gets you 25k exp and 300k coins!

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