Runescape – The Resistance [TR] Vs Fatal Angels [FA]

The Resistance V Fatal Angels in a fun full out war


Date: Sunday 26th July
Time of war: 8pm gmt-3pm est
Meeting Time: 8pm gmt -3est
Place: clan wars
What Terrain: Turrets
World War Will Be Held In: 22
NO! Friends or Allies
Fatal Angels Ref: No Ref needed
Other Clan’s Ref: No Ref
Number of Rounds: 3
Summoning Allowed?(y/n?): no
Killing the ref allowed?(y/n):n/a
pvp armour is on
Fa defend
Fa attack
Meet in middle

NOTE: this video’s audio seems to be messing up, some ppl hear it only on hd some hear it without hd, so just try both, coz i dnt know what youtube is doin to it lol ūüôĀ


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