Runescape Training Guide: 1-99 Range Guide 2015

In this video I show you how to get from levels 1 to 99 in range using the EOC set-up, its the same locations for Legacy Mode also, but instead, you won’t be using abilities, weapons etc will be the same on Legacy Mode.

Level 1-20 You will train at the chickens
Level 20-30 You will train at the Hill Giants
Level 30-40 You will train at the Yaks
Level 40-60 You will train at the Deadly Red Spiders
Level 60-70 You will train at the Blue Dragons
Level 70-80 You will train at the Mature Grotworms
Level 80-99 You will train at the Waterfiends

All armours and weapons to use are in the video.

To obtain 99 Range you will need around 60 hours and have around 5 million cash to spend, which can be reobtained if you pick up valuable drops on your kills.

Doing Slayer is another option of training up your Range, but its not included in this video.

Hope this helped!

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All in the 2014 year period.

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