Runescape Training Summoning Melee Charms waterfiend

Waterfiend Details
Level 115
waterfiend attack style magic and range
weakness crush
drop alot of crimson charms around 90% of the time
you can also find them at chaos tunnels but its multi area which is highly dangerous to noobs

You can replace my prayer armour with d hide (better than using tanking against his range)
always use range pray alot better than mage
always bring food or unicorn or sara brews+super restores or healing pouch+ food
always bring anti fire shield or run fast they can burn your lights out
Use Crush weopon best is saradomin sword(imo) then godswords. if you cant afford them bring any decent crush weopons (whip are weak against these)

You cannot bring cannon
You cannot go in with a summoned creature (must summon inside)

If you want me to make a certain video post and i will try and see

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