RuneScape – Ultimate 1-99 Cooking Guide (F2P and P2P) 30k – 210k xp/h

Hello youtube. I finally made a guide 😛 well makeing the guide was harder than skilling cooking 😛 well i really hope the guide help you and remember to comment rate and subscribe.

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The xp/h is about:
Shrimps 30k/h+
Sardine 40k/h+
Trout 70k/h+
Salmon 90k/h+
Tuna 100k/h+
Lobster 120k/h+
Monkfish 150k/h+
Shark 210k/h+

The good places:
Rogue’s Den fireplace
Cooking guild

How to gain 99
1-34 Shrimps you need to cook 675

(F2P) 34-49 (P2P) 34-46 sardine (F2P you make 2293) (P2P you make 1700)

(F2P) 49-56 (P2P) 46-56 Trout (F2P you make 1319) (P2P you make 1658)

56-63 Salmon you need to make 3892… you can get 56-99 too by salmon but than you make 144623

(F2P) 63-74 (P2P) 63-68 Tuna (F2P need to cook 7277) (P2P Need to cook 2365) this way you can to too 63-99 on tuna but you need to cook 126659

(f2p) 74-99 Lobster you need to make 99485
CG= Cooking gauntless
(p2p) (CG) 68-90 (No CG) 74-92 lobster (CG you cook 39511) (No CG you cook 45175) as f2p you can gain 99 to with lobster (CG you make 103579) (No CG you make 99485)

(CG) 90-94 (no CG) 92-99 Monkfish (CG you need to cook 17322) (No CG you cook 43448) and you can do with CG 90-99 by makeing 51254 monkfish

94-99 (CG) sharks you need to make 24000 to gain your goal. i really hope thi guide helped you. it was fun to make it something new for me 😛

The sheap 99
Salmon 56-99
Tuna 63-99

The expencive one:
Lobster 68 or 74-99
Monkfish 90 or 92-99
Shark 94-99

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