RuneScape – Ultimate Combat Training Guide 2011 – Vyrewatch Guide

Featured video by: Idk Whats Rc

This guide shows the fastest way to train all the melee skills for very high level players: Vyrewatchers. Up to 160k exp per hour can be gained at the spot I show in this guide. (200k exp/h if counting Constitution)
This video explains in details everything you have to know to maximise your experience and even contains a very accurate sheet to calculate your own personalised exp rate.
I also show how to efficiently cremate Vyre Corpses (up to 240 bodies burnt per hour) Please take note that cremating 500 of them increases the damage of your Blisterwood Weapon AND it’s one of the requirements for the Trimmed Completionist Cape.

3. Vyrewatches
3.1 General Information 0:20
3.2 Quest Requirements 0:45
3.3 Experience Influence 0:57
3.4 Equipment 1:58
3.5 Inventory 2:45
3.6 Location 2:56
3.7 Demonstration 3:49
3.8 Blisterwood Weapon 8:12
3.9 Cremating 8:42

4. Comparaison (Vyrewatch VS Zombies) 12:16

1. Armoured Zombies (Part 1)
2. Monkey Guards (Part 1)

Note: * means that it’s the item I used for the Min Exp per hour.

Helm: Melee Void (if you have full set), Torva, Neitz Helm, *Proselyte Helm*
Amulet: Fury/*Glory*
Cape: Compl/Max/Fire cape/ SoulWar cape/SkillCape/*Any*
Weapon: *Blisterwood Polearm*
Top: Elite Void Top (if full set)/ Void Top (if full set)/Torva/BCP/Fighter Torso/*Proselyte Top*
Legs: Elite Void Top (if full set)/ Void Top (if full set)/Torva/Bandos Tasset/* Proselyte Robe*
Shield: Nothing (Weapon is 2h)
Boots: Steadfast boots/*Dragon boots*/Rune boots
Gloves: Void Glove (if using Void) / Goliath gloves/ Best RfD Gloves *(Barrow)*
Ring: Berserker Ring (i)/*Berserker ring*/ Warrior ring

Music produced by Nijinski:

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