Runescape – ULTIMATE F2p/P2p Firemaking Guide [HD]

Hey, Welcome to my ULTIMATE Runescape Firemaking Guide.
In this guide I will tell you locations to Fm, Logs to burn, Exp per/hr, and some helpful Tips.

0:30-1:40 = Locations
1:41 – 2:59 = Logs to burn & Exp pr/hr
3:00 – 3:55 = Tips and Extras

If your low on cash, I would recommend Firemaking Willow Logs to 99. There very cheap and buy fast, but it will take a really long time.

The best method is to Firemake Maple Logs. They give a good amount of Exp and are pretty affordable. They also buy fast in the GE. Maple Logs are the most common to burn.

Eucalyptus Logs are the best log to burn in my opinion.They are still expensive but they will get you to 99 fast. They give 9 less Exp than Yews, but they are far more cheap. Burning Eucalyptus Logs with a Penance/Master Penance Horn will get you the best Exp. You can get about 450k Exp pr/hr burning Eucalyptus Logs with a Penance Horn. With the Penance Horn, you can get 3.5m Exp with a full charge. This is the fastest way to 99 in my opinion.

I also recommend wearing a Ring of Fire/Flame Gloves because they will give you more Exp. This will cut down on money spent on logs.

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